For The Tower:

"An ambitious, sensational and consistently surprising piece of immersive theater... the tension and theatricality of the piece pretty much continue at the same relentlessly breathtaking pace."
-NY Theater Now

"A mixture of old-fashioned narration and modern multimedia effects work brilliantly to blur the line between past and present inherent in the story's horror... An amazing collaborative production where each of its parts are as strong as the next. It's inventive and expertly written, directed, and acted, with eye-popping props and wonderfully cohesive set, lighting, sound, and costumes."
-Hi! Drama

“Moving back and forth in time, and employing projections, inventive staging, contemporary music, and a hearty helping of wit, this fully fleshed out production is thoroughly captivating.”
-Flavorpill, Editor’s Pick

“What’s so smart about The Tower is that the psychedelia that the audience experiences can be read as a direct reference to the insanity that the characters experience and the crazy, outlandish numbers ... are both entertaining and evocative of the mentality of a starvation-crazed pioneer.”
-Theatre is Easy


For christopher marlowe’s chloroform dreams:

”[Playwright] Sherman is excellently served in this production by director Philip Gates, who has done a great deal to let this highly theatrical, complexly structured drama flow. Clever staging and ingenious scenic design work to brilliant effect in keeping the tempo up while contributing to a sense of layered story and hidden motives… The laurels should be lavished, and shared here by all involved in this courageous production… Chloroform Dreams is knockout.”
-The Happiest Medium

“Philip Gates directs with great attention to detail, and makes wonderful use of the small and challenging stage space of The Red Room… Inspired visual touches.”
-Broadway World


For Before Placing Me On Your Shelf:

"Strange, odd, surreal, dreamlike, and absolutely one of my favorite shows at Fringe this year…  Philip Gates directs with a sharp and swift beauty.”
-The ArtsWire

"An evening of brilliantly fresh theater… Gates’s vision for a cohesive set of adapted poems is innovative and provocative.”