Andy Warhol at CMU Drama

After two-plus years in the MFA Directing program at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, I am gearing up to share my thesis production, A/B Machines. I adapted the performance text from writing by Andy Warhol after receiving permission from Warhol’s estate, and the process of researching and preparing this piece has been tremendously fulfilling. I’ve had the opportunity to utilize amazing local resources here in Pittsburgh (Warhol’s home until he graduated college), including the Andy Warhol Museum and local Warhol scholars and family members, and have become truly fascinated and drawn to the work and the man himself. The resulting piece feels both incredibly personal for me, and true to the spirit of Warhol as I’ve come to understand him.

The piece uses several of Warhol’s obsessions, including the body’s vulnerability, interpersonal manipulation, and the everyday performance of self, to examine how the constant pressure to be seen (and be seen in a certain way) affects our relationship to others and to our self. Our performers and designers have given this very challenging piece their all, and have created something unique, surprising, and unapologetically queer. I can’t wait to share this piece.

Tickets are available through the CMU Box Office here. If you’re in Pittsburgh, please come through!

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